Five Life Skills every Teen should know


The term ‘life skill’ refers to the skill required for an individual to fully participate in everyday life. In brief, any power that is beneficial to life is considered a life skill. The following are the skills required for every teen:

Budgeting Skills

“Money cannot buy you happiness and peace.” This is partially true as money does play a vital role to lead a comfortable life. To earn money, one needs to be literate enough. Although education alone will not provide the required skills for making, spending and saving money. Financial literacy is mandatory. Parents should teach teenagers about how and where to spend money. Teenagers should be informed about saving money to buy or invest in the business or case of emergencies.

Social skills and disciplines

No parents would want their children to be arrogant and rude to others. Take for example – at a party, family gathering, etc. So, teaching the teenagers about these skills will help ease their daily social life.

  • Respect different types of people and their views regardless of what they think about others.
  • Value relationships and people in their lives. Parents can only teach all these.

 Communication Skills

Communication plays a vital role in all forms of life although it may seem that it is a business skill. Teenagers need to be taught how to communicate appropriately with other people without offending others whether deliberately or unintentionally. When it comes to communication, parents should talk about these with their children.

  • Listening is an important communication skill.
  • Learning to not correctly perly can be rewarding.
  • Understanding an individual’s susceptibility to figure out how to communicate with them.

Coping with emotions

Now, we are familiar with the term ‘depression.’ Teenagers are more prone to depression than adults. Teaching them to will make them understand that not everything will always be right. The skills needed to cope up are:

  • Controlling will help them deal with the different situation, people and things in life.
  • They have to cope up with loneliness as it can prove to be a major disaster if one is unable to deal with it in the long run.
  • Managing feelings in a healthy way of thinking and acting rather than acting only. Reacting without working leads to negative consequences while thoughtful action.

Necessary Educational Skills

Education is a must in this modern world to lead a happier and comfortable life. Asides from reading, writing, and drawing, teenagers should also know how to use a computer, phone, and other gadgets. Use of smartphones and instant messaging have changed their use of language skills. So teenagers should be encouraged to:

  • Write in complete sentences rather than writing in short.
  • They should not use slang or incorrect sentences while writing on their papers on their exam sheets.
  • Avoid talking to strangers while browsing online and avoid sharing personal information.

Teaching teenagers about life skills are no simple task, but it can surely help them succeed in life as it is the teenagers who are the hope of the future.

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