Top 5 Best Shower Head – Reviews & Buying Guides 2019

Shower time should be a relaxation period where you wash all the stress and sweat of the day. In the morning, a good shower can start your day on a brighter side. Sure you might have shortened your show after hitting your alarm clock several times, but a good shower is still your way out where no one disturbs you even if it only lasts for few minutes. To ensure you enjoy the best performance and relaxation mood you have to make some choices about the kind of shower head you like to use.

A shower head is one of the few additional luxurious items that you can get your bathroom. Not only that you get to experience a personal spa-like experience from the comfort of your home with this shower head fitting, but you are also adding to the beauty of your existing bathroom decor to improve the design. You might be surprised by how much a good shower can make a huge impact in having a beautiful day, but your choice of shower head plays a prominent role in making your shower more soothing.

Finding The Best Shower Heads

Most people have a divided opinion when it comes to the best shower head available in the market. There are several options available in the market that offers different performance (a gentle rain, energizing pulse, and a firm massage) what is best for you may be annoying to another. In other words, ranking the best shower head can be subjective.

There are several manufacturers of Shower Heads each promising optimum performance, but how do you choose the right one? We review the top five products in the market putting in some vital consideration like quality, performance, customer ratings, the manufacturer’s history and other factors that can affect purchasing and usage. The information below is to assist you in getting the best Shower Heads that offers the best performance during usage at a budget-friendly price.

The shower head review below will introduce you to some of the best products available in the market so you can pick the best according to your budget. You will find a wide range of luxurious shower heads that will deliver you a relaxing, soothing and refreshing experience for whatever the day may have in store for you and after the daily stress from work. We have also included a helpful buying guide explaining the different kinds of a shower head to look out for and giving you some things to think about before you start looking. Here is our top five (5) shower head:

The best shower head



The Meon Velocity is our number one pick and top-rated shower head. The 8-inches shower head delivers a wide range of water coverage and high spray power for a thorough clean. The shower head has two sets that provide a spa-like experience without the actual cost of the spa, higher-pressure spray, and smooth rain shower spray. Another great feature of the velocity shower head that buyers find fascinating is the installation process. It is straightforward to install and either be wall or ceiling mounted. The shower head remains the best in the market that offers affordable price with high performance. The shower head has a proper spray pattern and is easy to use at a budget-friendly price.

The head is designed to maximize the coverage area, and a give a steady, gentle water flow. When you direct it down to the body, the water concentrates into a narrow stream that rises very efficiently. And that’s one of the features that set this shower head aside from other products. The adjustment lever system is easy to use, much smoother than every other product in the market. The shower head remains the favorite in the market. Everything about this shower head is excellent; the design is unique, installation is leak-free and straightforward, the nozzles are easy to clean and easy to operate. Talking of installation, the Meon Velocity can be installed nearly any shower, the spray pattern function even better when mounted overhead. You can fit an adjustable or reliable arm that can maximize rainfall bliss in case you don’t have a ready-made overhead shower system.


  • It is affordable
  • Delivers a large volume of water
  • Good water pressure for rain-shower head
  • 8-inch shower head
  • Best for kids and pet
  • Elegantly built, and is sure to draw eyeballs.
  • Let’s you choose the steam speed, based on your preference.
  • The nozzles are easy to clean and to use.
  • Made from the highest quality materials, which assures you of its longevity.


  • Air intake can be noisy
  • No jets in center of the shower head
  • Some customers have complained about the speed of the flow, but then there is a possibility that they could have set the speed

Delta 75152 Shower Head

The Delta 75152 Shower Head is an inexpensive shower head that thousands of experts and customers approved worldwide. The Delta shower head is an excellent choice for those who are not interested in changing the settings of their shower head. Featuring a water amplifying technology that makes it compelling and invigorating though it has only one configuration and can be toggled between two flow rates (1.8 GPM and 2.5 GPM) so you have the option to choose between water savings or a stronger rinse.The Delta 75152 Shower Head in Chrome color is an excellent addition to any bath and put the full control of your shower experience in your hands with the ability to control water volume and temperature independently. Reminiscent of rolling ocean waves, the sleek curves shower head keeps water temperature within a safe range, making sure you and your family doesn’t experience sudden change possibly unstable water temperature as a result of another usage such flushing the toilet, dishwasher, washing machine and other home water appliance.

The Delta 75152 Shower Head allow you to wash away calcium and lime build-up and stay refreshed easily. The Delta will enable you to upgrade the functionality and style of your shower without altering the plumbing work though it requires inlet water temperature to be set correctly and seasonal adjustment may be necessary.With the use of separate handles for temperature and volume control, the Delta 75152 Shower Head offers a more refined showering experience.  It is possible to set the water to your choice of temperature and turn the shower on or off with the adjustable controller without interrupting the set temperature. While other competitors can gather mineral build up over time, but the Delta 75152 Shower Head allows mineral residue to be wiped off instantly without the need of chemical cleaners for a better refresher look. The Delta shower head uses the unique monitor technology to protect you and your loved ones from sudden temperature changes. The shower head remains the best in the market.


  • Quite sturdy as it has been built with the highest quality materials.
  • Easy to adjust thanks to its adjustable mechanism.
  • The jets are easy to clean as they have been well laid out.
  • Aesthetically appealing.


  • The flow may not match the needs of all the users.

The best high-pressure shower head

The best high-pressure shower head


Choosing the Speakman shower head for your homes and relaxation purposes offers the best shower experience with a very solid brass that will help you to maximize the force of your water stream, no matter how bad or good your water pressures happen to be. The Speakman high-pressure Shower head can give you all the qualities which will ultimately provide you with a long lasting experience and long-term quality result. This shower head is made up of metal exterior design making it more durable; and a good investment for larger families. It often proves to be the centerpiece for the master bathroom, furnished with solid-brass components. The shower head also consists of new age contours and a collection of attractive finishes to perfect any shower furnishings.

This shower head icon belongs to a Speakman trademark called “Anystream” technology which in turn provides you with energy-conscious performance, without loss of water pressure. It gives a chance for you to quickly rotate the handle on the side of the shower head to change the water stream to whatever suits your needs or mood making it be adjustable shower head you need to start your day fresh or end your day on a positive note. With this shower head, you can get right coverage of water whenever you need it. Speakman high-pressure shower head is so immersive that you can close your eyes and feel the perfect flow of water during shower time.

The original technology designed for Speakman high-pressure shower head allows you to modify your shower experience every day fully. These are done by turning the lever on the shower head in either direction, and you get a considerably diverse set of showering options. It is designed to impress and built to last and be able to perform magnificently for an exceptional amount of time. Speakman high-pressure shower head also offers the perfect stylish look for your bathroom ensuring a clear and up to date look.


  • Easy rotation of the handle
  • Made of the finest material
  • Low-intensity water pressure
  • Ability to turn the lever on the shower head in either direction
  • Exceptional options for harder and saturated spray
  • Adjustable shower head
  • No leakage or drips when firstly installed
  • Good working of the rings
  • Consistent spray under low pressure
  • Refined and solid-brass metals
  • Modern contour
  • Attractive finishes
  • Long-term quality result
  • Clean and timeless silhouette
  • Easy to install


  • Bad choice because of the outward jets made of plastics
  • 100% metal is unlikely, even if there is one with complete metal, is most likely to be of a poor quality

The best handheld shower head

The best handheld shower head

Ana Bath

A well built and good looking dual shower head experience can set your day in a good mood and have an excellent pleasure to enjoy the day work. It allows you to switch in between the heads effortlessly and you can also use the two at once in case you are in a hurry cutting down your shower time. It is equally essential to have a shower head that can provide energy-conscious performance, without loss of water pressure. The shower head to offer this multidimensional experience is no other than the Ana Bath handheld shower head. The Ana Bath handheld shower head can deliver two streams of standard water flow to give you an all encircling experience that a standard shower head cannot provide. It gives you access to five different shower settings all in one place. It has outstanding options with the shower head having five various functional features.

Most of the shower heads come with a plastic hose that is exceptionally stiff until the water heats up a little bit making the shower at that time very malleable. The tube on the shower head is made of stainless steel and has a perfect stylish component which is practically in use in any bathroom settings. It also leaks resistant even if you happen to drop your shower head multiple times and it takes a beating and keeps on ticking each time it is used. This shower head is also made up of five unique flow settings that further add in customizing your daily shower experience.When it comes to dual shower heads, nothing can compare to the Ana Bath handheld shower head. It allows flexibility to use the handheld shower, the affixed shower, or both at the same time, the option here is nearly endless.


  • Double streams flow of water
  • The durability of the combo shower head
  • Good water coverage when needed
  • 60-inch flexible hose with stainless steel
  • Vast pressure when both heads are in use
  • Switching between heads is easy
  • Attractive brushed nickel finish
  • Flow limiter can be taken out
  • Simple installation
  • High quality regardless of some internal parts made of plastics
  • Energy-conscious


  • Defectiveness in the manufacture of the diverter
  • Little variation in-between the settings
  • Purchasing it is a bit costly

The best Fixed Shower head

The best Fixed Shower head


When you decided to go for a high- quality shower head offering the best shower experience, the SR SUNRISE fixed shower head Shower proves to best the option. The shower head has a 10-layer finish in luxurious chrome which doesn’t break off or show scratches. It offers a pleasing to the eye look for your bathroom and is sure to add a clear and contemporary look overall. This shower head is of a high quality 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel covers a wide range of steel types and grades for corrosion or oxidation resistance uses. It has a rotating connector which makes it very easy to adjust the angle of the shower head and also allows you to have an excellent shower experience.

SR SUNRISE fixed shower head  is also very comfortable with its soothing stream of water, and it is made of fine and grade A materials which make it more durable. This durability often leads to the high quality of water pressure which consistently allows a free stream of water under low-pressure. This rain shower head with high-quality pressures has a 12 inches dimension when it comes to circumference reading. The shower head is very lucrative that you can close your eyes and have the feelings of a good shower.  Taking your bath under this shower head allows you to experience the perfect rainfall, coupled with the best shower experience with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM flow. Keeping the flow at 2.5 GPM flow helps to save 30% of water during shower.

The presence of silicon gel nozzles used to create this shower head makes it definite to limit the lime build up. This lime buildup is mostly encountered in other shower heads which often result in the inappropriate flow of water; even most times the head will not show. The silicon gel nozzles in this shower head did not allow you to worry about cleaning because any dirt in the shower head will automatically flush out through the head comfortably. These subsequently ensure that lime scale and mineral build-up will be kept to a minimum in the head. The face is made of stainless steel which made easy to reject hard water to have significant maintenance.


  • Very easy to clean and easy to remove
  • Straightforward wall mount installation without tools and help of a plumber
  • Have silicon gel nozzles, which help to keep limescale and minerals build up at the minimum point
  • The constant controlling flow rate
  • The excellent flow rate of about 2.5 GMP which saves 30% of water
  • The regulated flow rate of water, which provide unique soothing experience
  • Low-intensity flow rate
  • Presence of air pressure technology, which helps to regulate the flow rate
  • Shower head made up of ten layer finish in luxurious chrome making it impossible to break off or
  • Twelve-inch in size regarding circumference
  • Build to last long because of the exceptional materials
  • A rotating connector which makes it very easy to adjust the angle of the shower head
  • A high quality 304 stainless steel, which helps in the resistance of corrosion and oxidation for contemporary uses


  • Depending on the settings chosen, you may have to cope with water dripping when you turn off the tap
  • A bit pricey

Shower head Buying Guide

Why you need to upgrade your shower head

Modern shower head has a lot of advantages and features over the old shower head, meaning you get to enjoy the latest technology from using the most recent shower heads which in turn improve your experience when inside the bathroom.

Modern design

We are referring to the interior look not the outside look of the shower head. The old model usually has a cavity filled with water that forces water out through the tiny nozzles, meaning the nozzles have a low or little water pressure. The new technology has an individual channel that supplies the nozzles, increasing the ability to give out enough water pressure.

Water conservation

The modern shower head is more efficient in water conservation than older shower heads. The modern shower head has the regulated government standards water flow rate which makes it comfortable for kids and pets.

Removing clogs

The older shower head seems to have different clogged nozzles while the modern shower head uses the latest inbuilt technology to resist clogging. Additionally, the added water pressure found in the modern shower head improve and clear nozzles. However, best you clean your shower head regularly to maintain the performance.

Tips for buying the best shower head

Installing a new shower head is an easy way to make your bathing experience a more pleasant and eco-friendly. Improve your experience with a wide range of shower head, or upgrade your traditional shower head with a variety of sprays and features like body spa system and detachable heads.

This guide will make you understand the options available to you.

Head Design

The two common shower head is fixed and hand-held. The shower head is available in a variety of options and configurations. Many with adjustable settings. The fixed shower head is attached to a shower arm and is permanent to the wall while Hand-held is connected to the wall with the shower hose. The hand-held is best for children and pets.

Some Features Of The Best Shower head

Standard wall mount: One of the benefits of the best shower head is the wall-mounted design which ranges from straight-forward designs to more feature-heavy models with changeable angles. Some of the fixtures include access to the good accumulation of water, less rust, and other shower effects.

Sliding bar: For a bathroom shared among family members, a shower head with the right height and sliding bar which goes up and down together with a wall-mounted base. It ensures that everyone enjoys the best bathing experience.

Shower panel systems: Shower head with a good shower panel systems deliver more water pressure according to your desire and less if you do not need it. It is highly customizable and specified with the number of required spigots and with good placements.

Lighted: Shower heads enhanced with mood-matching illumination LED lights that can make your regular shower a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Aerating Shower head: The mixture of air with water allows an excellent shower head to form a misty spray and make the flow to feel more substantial. While the laminar-flow shower head forms individual streams of water. The best shower head does not create much steam and moisture and that’s a good advantage if you live in a humid region.

Drenching spray: A good shower head with a rainfall spray which provides a good experience with the best water flow rate and pressure. A shower with a broad face and coupled with many spray nozzles give you a wide coverage, for peak experience during bathing.

How can the best shower head satisfy you

The best shower head tested can provide a pleasing flow while meeting the federal flow-rate standard. Here are some results of a good shower head that can offer you a good shower and greater use of water.

Multi-setting Models

There is a possibility of adjusting the flow pattern to other flow settings. This setting can either be broad, narrow or water saving trickle while you wash up. It offered a continuously variable setting and met with the panelist.

Single-Setting Models

As the name implies, these shower head provides only one setting. They are cheaper than multi-setting models.

Shower Towers

The shower head is efficient and tested to offer a spa-like experience. It comprises of a fixed or handheld shower head and several other features which are mounted on a vertical strip.

 Adjustable Options

To get satisfied by the best shower head in the market, it posses an adjustable head that allows you to place the spray directly overhead or at an angle. Adjustable options to look in shower head include:

  • flexible neck adjusts to almost any position
  • adjustable arm changes height and angle
  • pivoting shower face for an adjustable spray angle

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