7 Ways to help your baby sleeps peacefully

Newborn babies are known to sleep a lot and can snooze for up to hours per day however; there are some babies who don’t fall asleep for more than hours during their first weeks. If your baby does have proper sleeping schedule, it can lead to fatigue and lost sleep for a new parent because you will have to wake up a few times during the night to comfort, feed and change your little bundle of joy. If you are a new parent and having problems making sure your baby sleeps peacefully, below are a few helpful tips that will make sure everyone gets the rest they deserve and say goodbye to 3 or 4am play times.

  1. Do not make eye contact with your baby during sleep time – You have to avoid eye contact with your baby at all costs if you want them to go to sleep because any form of animated eye contact will only excite your little making them think its play time.
  2. Consider co-sleeping – In the first few months of your infant’s young life, co-sleeping is something that is advised to help them sleep. There is something about being close to their parents that puts a baby at ease and helps them sleep better plus studies have shown that babies who co-sleep with their mother and faster grow up with less anxiety and a very high self esteem.
  • Dreamfeed – If you babies wake up during the night a lot because they are hungry, a dreamfeed might just do the trick and put them right back to sleep. A dreamfeed for those who are not aware of it is a late evening feed that is given to a baby instead of waiting till they are hungry. Many mothers out there believe that fills up a baby’s tummy and helps them sleep peacefully.
  1. A nice warm bath – The same way that a bath is relaxing and soothing to adults, it has the same affects on a baby. Giving a baby a bath before bed puts them in a relaxed mood and sets them on their way to a wonderful sleep when they hit the blankets.
  2. Keep the baby crib empty – Things like stuffed animals and blanket can be very dangerous to a baby during sleep time because they can choke or suffocate on them. It is important to make sure your baby’s sleep surface is completely free of everything and if keeping them warm concerned you, a sleep sack is the best option rather than a blanket.
  3. Cooling – We all sleep better when the temperature in the room we are in is just right and the same applies to babies. To make sure that they go to sleep quicker and prevent SIDS, it is highly advised that their room be between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Turn off the lights – Our body is programmed to automatic know it is sleep time when it sees darkness in the evening and babies are no different. To help your baby know it’s time to go to dreamland, turn off the nights and use blackout shades if possible. When they wake up in the morning, let the light in by opening the curtain so that they know its day time. Doing this helps them understanding the difference between day and night.

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